Preparation steps before foundation repair work begins can sometimes take a long time, so it is recommended to plan your work in advance.

Here are some necessary procedures to be able to start the work.


To begin your work, most foundation repair work requires a permit from the city. Here are some of the documents that will be required to apply for a permit with the city. The items include engineering plans, the building’s certificate of location and the detailed proposal for the work. If the work encroaches on the city or your neighbors’ properties, additional preparation steps may be added.

For more information and to see the detailed list of requirements, ask your municipality about the permit application.

Here is the link for the city of Montreal :


In order to obtain a work proposal, a technical representative must assess the needs of the building. After reflection, internal consultation, calculations for the hours of labor and raw materials, etc., then the proposal is prepared for customer approval.


Following the acceptance of the proposal, a visit to take measurements of the interior and exterior elements of the building that must be made by a design technician in order to create the required engineering plans.

Engineering plans

Once the detailed plans are completed by the technician, the engineer must review and validate the plan to ensure that the solutions presented meet construction standards. Depending on the type of work, the engineer must also calculate the loads the building is carrying and how those repairs will affect the structure.


When an outdoor excavation is required, a request at Info-Excavation provides information regarding the location of the underground network of pipes, and wires on the site where the work will be carried out and thus minimize the risk of accidents associated with breakage of hidden pipes and wires.


Due to the unpredictability of time it takes for municipalities to the issue permits and the time required to create and validate the engineering plans, it is difficult to schedule foundation repairs on a fixed date until these steps are finalized.

Depending on the type of work, it may take one to six months to start a complex foundation project. In addition, outdoor excavation is usually done according to temperature and rainfall (April to December).

In conclusion, it is recommended to start the planning process for foundation repair well in advance. This will give you a better chance of completing the work within your timetable.

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