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The Cause

A dirt floor is an endless source of humidity in a crawlspace, given that the water evaporates into the air and thereby increases the humidity level.

For example, when an outside temperature of 32 degrees Celsius with 60% humidity seeps into a crawlspace at 23 degrees Celsius, the relative humidity increases to 95%.

The Long-Lasting Solution

  1. Dehumidify
  2. Seal
  3. Decontaminate


1. Dehumidifying a Crawlspace

Dehumidifying a crawlspace is the first step of a good process to clean the air and protect the building.

The best possible drying technique must be chosen based on the problem. It is sometimes necessary to install a drain and a sump pump.

2. Sealing a Crawlspace

Dehumidifying the crawlspace is not enough to avoid the infiltration of moisture into a crawlspace. In fact, the ground remains humid, and this humidity is transmitted to the foundation walls that are in contact with the environment.

Bisson Expert and its partner SafeBasements have developed a unique and efficient waterproofing membrane to cover the crawlspace’s entire floor and walls. This waterproofing membrane blocks the transmission of moisture that comes from the ground and the foundation.

This white VPS 22mil membrane is very sturdy and washable. It can be left as-is on the walls and floors because of its nice-looking reflective surface. It can be installed directly on a dirt floor for a cleaner and healthier crawlspace.

3. Decontaminating a Crawlspace

Even though the crawlspace has been dried out and sealed, condensation of humid air during the summer can cause mould and fungus to grow on the wood framing.

The problem gets worse when hot and cold air meet, which is very common along foundation walls during summer and winter.

Moreover, during summer, moisture can come from warm, humid outside air condensing on the crawlspace’s cooler surface.

A dehumidifying and air treatment system can be added as needed to reduce the humidity level during the summer months and ensure good air quality all year round.


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