The Planning

The Bisson Expert multidisciplinary team carefully reviews the entire project to ensure its technical feasibility, regulatory compliance, and safety.

  • Soil analysis and survey;
  • Analysis and survey of the existing foundation, framework, and related services;
  • Structural load and constraint calculations by Bisson Expert’s engineers.


The Long-Lasting Solution

Digging the basement by underpinning excavation.


The Scope of Work

  1. Support the structure
  2. Secure the area and excavate
  3. Install formwork and start underpinning concreting
  4. Waterproof and drain the new foundation
  5. Pour concrete for slab

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Here are some examples of the different types of work performed for basement excavation with underpinning foundation:

Our Satisfied Customers

The entire Bisson Expert team is committed to ensuring full customer satisfaction. Over the years, we have developed a proven process that encourages us to strive for excellence, thanks to our talented and committed team of experts.

“ Amazing service and work. I was very happy with the entire process. ”

– Mr Ajram from Montreal

“ Very knowledgeable and professional from start to finish. Bisson delivers what it promises. Everybody on the team was professional and responsive. Very good project experience. Great results. Good job! ”

– Mr Tobin from Montreal