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The Cause

During heavy rainfall or quick snowmelt, water exerts hydrostatic pressure on the foundation. This leads to water infiltration or absorption into the concrete. This problem may be the result of:

  • Poor drainage: In some cases, the drain appears unobstructed, but the surrounding soil may block the access holes and prevent water from draining out.
  • Iron Ochre: The drainage system is clogged with orange sludge that sticks to the drain walls. This problem occurs when iron bacteria is present in the groundwater. When this bacteria comes into contact with the atmosphere, it oxidizes and produces a gelatinous material, which blocks the drain and prevents water from draining.
  • No Drain: Often, in pre-1950 buildings, there is no French drain around the foundation footing. During heavy rainfall and quick snowmelt, the water pressure on the foundation leads to water infiltration and cement degradation.

The Long-Lasting Solution

If your basement shows signs of water infiltration, think about waterproofing the foundation and draining the soil. The installation of a draining system can be performed from the inside or outside of the building.


The Scope of Work Outside

  1. Excavate near the foundation using equipment that minimizes damage to the property
  2. Clean and waterproof the foundation using a seamless elastomeric membrane sprayed on the walls below ground level
  3. Install a French drain near the foundation footing and cover it with crushed stone to drain the soil
  4. Install a drainage panel below ground level to ensure vertical drainage and protect the membrane (optional, depending on the type of soil)

CAUTION: Draining the soil from the outside sometimes leads to obstacles that are difficult to avoid or costly to demolish and rebuild. Buildings with party walls, such as townhouses, are also problematic for work to be carried out from the outside. Draining from the inside is a more economical and appropriate state-of-the-art technique.


The Scope of Work Inside

The patented interior drainage system, comprising the SDI Pro drain and MultiFlow waterproofing membrane, is the most complete and high-performance waterproofing solution on the market for interior drainage. This state-of-the-art technology makes it possible to effectively waterproof your foundation, thereby minimizing the demolition work and the cost compared to the traditional method. Furthermore, the MultiFlow floor drain is easier to handle and insert than a standard perforated drain because it is narrower.

Our unique system catches the water leaks, controls hydrostatic pressure, and reduces the slab’s moisture level.

  1. Dig a trench alongside the foundation walls
  2. Install the SDI Pro floor drain, designed by SafeBasements, horizontally above the foundation footing. The SDI Pro drain stops water infiltration and channels it to the MultiFlow drain, located under the concrete slab
  3. Install a sump tank with a sump pump connected to the drain with a discharge line
  4. Cover the SDI Pro drain with crushed stone and concrete leveling out at the existing slab
  5. Install inspection and cleaning ports on the system as appropriate


Presence of Iron Ochre ?

If the drain on your property shows signs of reddish, gelatinous deposits, iron ochre could be the cause. The most common solution for waterproofing your foundation and keeping your drains unobstructed is tanking. This method consists of installing a waterproof membrane under the concrete and up the foundation’s exterior walls. The membrane thus creates a watertight structure. In many cases, the house must be lifted, which can be very costly.

Bisson Expert installs an interior drainage system with multiple access points for properties with iron ochre. This unique waterproofing method allows the homeowner to control the system to ensure that the drains stay unobstructed. With regular maintenance, this drainage system with multiple access points remains unobstructed and resistant to iron ochre. This state-of-the-art system developed by Bisson Expert makes it possible to manage the iron ochre problem in a non-invasive and efficient manner and at a lower cost.

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Here are some examples of the different types of work performed for waterproofing, interior or exterior drain:

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