Our Mission

Our mission is to provide optimal foundation and structural repair solutions that will restore our customers’ peace of mind.

The Bisson Expert Warranty Seal warrants our knowledge and expertise of the Montreal soil. All to give you peace of mind. Our goals are the following :

  1. Offer professional diagnostic services, guaranteed solutions, and high-quality workmanship
  2. Meet the specific needs of our customers with high-performance, long-lasting, and guaranteed solutions
  3. Ensure the professional fulfillment of our team members through accountability, teamwork, enhanced quality of life at work, and work-family balance
  4. Guarantee the Company’s financial health by capitalizing on innovation, continuous improvement, risk management, process control, mobilization of all employees and partners, and customer satisfaction.

Our Story

Bisson Expert (Roger Bisson inc.) was founded in 1955 by Mr. Roger Bisson (Father) and incorporated in 1962. At that time, the company specialized in moving buildings. Having worked in this field of activity for several years, the company developed state-of-the-art expertise in structures, engineering, hydraulics, etc. The company has grown rapidly over the years to meet market demand in other related areas, including repairing and replacing foundations and underpinning work. Since 1990, the dewatering of clay soils has increased in Quebec, causing foundation settling. This phenomenon has contributed to the company’s growth. In 1995, Mr. Raymond Bisson (son) took over the business. The company has been able to meet new market needs by developing more efficient processes and equipment, some patented in Canada and the United States.

Today, Bisson Expert continues to grow thanks to a group of shareholders and experienced employees. A new generation of employees, some of whom are children of the founders themselves, was born and represents the next generation coming from the transmission of the passion for this field of activity. It says a lot about the quality of the company’s culture.

After serving more than 18,000 customers, Bisson Expert has built a relationship of trust with the construction industry and continues to innovate to sustain its reputation for excellence.

The beginnings

Buisness founded by Roger Bisson

Building transportation/moving

Patent filing for building transportation equipment


Headquarters construction in St-Hubert

Second generation

Raymond Bisson, son of Roger, takes over as the company’s president.


Headquarters renovations and expansions

New image

Roger Bisson Inc. now operates under the brand name of Bisson Expert.

Pier patent

Canadian and American patent filing for hydraulic jacking pier technology.

Exclusive distribution

Introduction of American company Safe Basements’ interior draining solutions as an exclusive distributor

65 years

After 65 years of existence, Bisson Expert now employs over 100 people.


Our Company Culture 

A Quebec company with more than one hundred employees, Bisson Expert is proud to rely on five significant core values to guide its activities and decisions. Teamwork, surpassing oneself, expertise, integrity, and pleasure are all values that we advocate.   

  1. Competency: If it is worth doing, it is worth doing well
  2. Integrity: We work with transparency and without compromise on quality
  3. Surpassing Oneself: We constantly evolve to improve day after day
  4. Teamwork: We combine strengths and talents for optimal results
  5. Fun: We enjoy what we do

A code of ethics is posted in the Bisson Expert offices, and all employees are committed and agree to comply with this code.

Together, we are raising quality standards!

  • Ensure full customer satisfaction;
  • Be honest, courteous, and respectful to the client;
  • Meet customer expectations;
  • Ensure good communication with customers;
  • Maintain our commitment to our customers with due diligence and professionalism;
  • Find the best solution for the foundation problems;
  • Keep an open mind regarding technological advancements;
  • Carry out the work according to accepted industry practices and regulations.

Our Proactive Team

Our key asset is without any doubt our dynamic and dedicated team. Our highly specialized experts – engineers, technologists, production teams – will help you regain peace of mind. Friendly and genuine, our trusted team is talented and hard at work.

The Bisson Expert team has your project at heart and provides you with attentive customer service as well as worksite teams anxious to carry out your work according to the best practices in the industry.

Our Engineering Department

  • Collect data;
  • Design custom solutions (structural, geotechnical);
  • Provide cost estimates;
  • Produce drawings and specifications signed and sealed by an engineer who is a member of the Order;
  • Conduct quality control checks when the work is carried out; 

Contact Us

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