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The Cause

The leading cause of soil settling in Quebec, particularly in the Montreal area, is soil composition. The soil is unstable and cannot support the building’s weight, and therefore the structure is affected.

In fact, clay soils, for various reasons (trees, paved surfaces, drought periods, etc.), dry out, resulting in slow settling. As a result, the building gradually sags.

Given that clay recovers only a percentage of the water it loses, the soil never regains its original volume, and the building, under its weight, gradually – and sometimes unevenly – settles. Some soils have low bearing capacities and are not firm enough to support the weight of the building or house.

The Long-Lasting Solution

Installing driven steel piles are the ultimate solution to foundation settling. Steel piles are used to distribute the load to bedrock and are anchored to the foundation. The purpose of installing steel piles is to stabilize the foundation and straighten it if possible. The steel piles will stabilize your house (building) as well as reinforce the foundation and structure.


The Scope of Work

  1. Pile brackets are securely anchored to the foundation
  2. Steel piles are driven to bedrock
  3. Hydraulic jacks lift the building
  4. The foundation is repaired and reinforced
  5. The steel piles are filled with concrete

To install steel piles in the Greater Montreal Area or elsewhere in Quebec, Bisson Expert is the industry benchmark. With more than 65 years of experience and satisfied customers, our reputation is well established. Our skilled workforce can identify the warning signs, pinpoint the causes and provide the solutions needed to stabilize and, if recommended, straighten the foundation with steel piles.


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Here are some examples of the different types of work performed for foundation stabilization and alignment on steel piles:

Our Satisfied Customers

The entire Bisson Expert team is committed to ensuring full customer satisfaction. Over the years, we have developed a proven process that encourages us to strive for excellence, thanks to our talented and committed team of experts.

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– Mrs Maclean from Kirkland

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