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Bisson Expert provides you all the information you need on the steps to be taken when water seeps into your house. How can you reinforce the foundation ?

If you are worried about your property because of water infiltration in the basement, this advice will be very useful. It will help you find out exactly what to do and who to contact. You will thus be able to take the appropriate measures to protect your house and investment. In doing so, the situation will look clearer and the solutions more obvious.

What should you do if you notice water infiltration in the basement ?

Check for early warning signs of water infiltration.

Some signs point to water infiltration due to foundation settling. The first step is to inspect your property and pay particular attention to the following signs :
• Cracks in the foundation
• High level of humidity
• Marks on the concrete
• White powder
• Marks at the bottom of the basement walls
• Water on the walls
• Mold

If you see one or more warning signs, we recommend calling a foundation expert. This expert will confirm your concerns or reassure you about the cracks or potential water infiltration. It is best not to wait before seeking their advice.

In case of water infiltration, the problems are likely to get worse over time especially if there is :

• Water damage : Water seeping into your foundation through a crack in the wall and accumulating over time could cause damages. The cost of repairing the damages is greater than the cost of doing some prevention work, such as waterproofing the foundation or installing a French drain.

• Mold : Failure to repair a water infiltration problem can lead to health problems for its occupants because of mold problems.

What causes water infiltration and foundation problems ?

The age of the house is an important factor. After a certain number of years, foundations can be less water-resistant because of the eroding quality of the concrete. This problem mainly shows up in houses over 40 years old. In this case, the solution is to install a waterproofing membrane to prevent water from seeping into the concrete and a French drain, if necessary. This will help to move the water to a drainage system in accordance with municipal standards.

Other factors can also be the source of water infiltration problems. Geographical areas that are more prone to surplus water, cracks in the foundation or the quality of the foundation are good examples.

What should a good foundation expert do when you contact them ?

1. Pre-diagnosis call : You will describe the warning signs to the expert. In turn, the expert will ask you questions about the age of the house, cracks in the foundation, geographical location, etc. This will help the expert to determine if your property is exposed to risk factors. If this is the case, the foundation expert will go on site to take charge of the situation.

2. Site inspection and diagnosis : Once on site, the expert will inspect your property to determine the scope of the problem. He will inspect the cracks, find the causes to decide on the proper solution and check for signs of water infiltration. He will also take the measurements necessary to carry out the future work in order to speed up the process.

3. Customized solution : You will thereafter get a detailed quote for the work to be carried out. This written document will tell you how the work will be performed, what the estimated cost is and which steps will need to be taken.

Potential solutions :

In case of a minor problem, we simply repair the cracks. In most cases, it is possible to pinpoint the area where water seeps into the foundation and thus avoid major repairs. If this is not the case, waterproofing the foundation and installing a French drain are the most common solutions for major water infiltration problems.

Are you eligible to financial assistance ?

Some municipalities offer financial assistance for projects, such as waterproofing the foundation and installing a French drain. The City of Longueuil is one of those municipalities. If you have a water infiltration problem, seeking information about this program could help reduce the cost of the work to be carried out.

Why should you choose a foundation expert ?

Choosing the right professional is a very important decision. It will have an impact on the accuracy of the diagnosis, the quality of the work, the expertise and especially the cost. Choosing a foundation expert provides several advantages. The expert is the person who is the best equipped and who is the best qualified in the industry. In fact, the expert is aware of all potential problems and available solutions. The expert will guide you through several potential solutions for repairing your foundation. Moreover, because the expert can correctly diagnose a problem, you will avoid hidden costs, extra work or the well-known trial-and-error approach.

A contractor who is not a foundation expert has a less accurate picture of the problem. Having less experience, a contractor will likely recommend the solution he knows best ? his own services ? which will provide you with fewer solutions.

Rest assured.

There are solutions to address and prevent water infiltration. Minor solutions can help repair cracks when they are quickly taken care of by professionals. There is no one better than a foundation expert to help you with this problem. Contact a foundation expert. Their role is to help you find the right solution. Click here for more information on the subject.

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