Find out how an interior drain system works. Take advantage of the latest technology to waterproof your home.

A healthy basement living space must always remain dry. Waterproofing and drainage systems are used to prevent water infiltration and their harmful consequences on property. For several years now, in Quebec, external drain systems were the only option to protect the basement against water infiltration.

However, the latest advances in the field offer less invasive and more efficient technologies: the indoor waterproofing drain. Among the best systems on the market, you find an innovative foundation waterproofing solution developed by Safe Basements. To find out more, read this article.

Protect the living space and basement with an interior waterproofing drain

In Quebec, the seasons’ cycle brings radical temperature changes.  Your home is put to the test over the years with abundant rain, frost, thaw cycles and periods of severe dryness.  Among the components particularly vulnerable to water damage and infiltration is the foundation of your home.  If water puts too much pressure on the foundation, it can seep into the structure through the joints between the concrete slab and the foundation wall or through cracks in the concrete. You must therefore opt for the best protection adapted to the needs of your property.

At Bisson Expert, we have chosen a patented and state-of-the-art system that combines SDI Pro and MultiFlow drains. This technology is manufactured by Safe Basements, a leader in the field.  For many years, this company has been developing high-quality systems whose performance is no longer to be proven. Indeed, the waterproofing is ultra-efficient and sustainable.  It is also possible to install this system 12 months a year. Not to mention that the method of installation is less invasive. For example, it is possible to proceed with an indoor drain installation without affecting the exterior landscaping. This advantage often makes homeowners happy, because it saves them many additional costs!

How does an interior waterproofing drain system work?

Although simplified, the installation of an interior drain requires expertise and a well-defined process on the part of professionals. The first step is to apply a vapor barrier directly on the foundation. Then, the upper part is sealed at the top of the foundation to prevent humidity in the basement.  As for the lower part, it ends with a rectangular SDI Pro drain designed specifically to be placed footing of the foundation. It is also very robust and resistant. When installed in the proper way, the interior drain protects your building by providing excellent waterproofing.

This drain performs better than the traditional drain.  Indeed, it is more compact, which makes it easier to install.  It is also higher, at 7 inches, which brings the water level a safe distance from the slab. This allows your home to be better protection from the accumulation of water in the ground. What for? Because the interior drain works on the water table around the house and reduces the hydrostatic pressure.  When there is too much hydrostatic pressure, water can seep through wall joints or cracks in the concrete foundation. This can cause water to seep into your basement. Therefore, it is advisable to protect your property with the help of a waterproofing drain system.

Why choose an interior drainage system?

Did you know that the interior drain offers undeniable advantages over traditional methods?

  • The installation avoids the need to do exterior demolition work, which helps preserve your cement, landscaping or swimming pool.
  • The SPI Pro drain is ultra-strong and can withstand the weight of a concrete slab without crashing. In addition, it can be installed with inspection ports.
  • The MultiFlow drain system is 7 inches deep that lowers the water level in the soil to prevent water infiltrations infiltration and lower humidity.
  • The system has a rubber seal that cuts off the moisture from the wall.
  • The interior drainage system can be combined with the installation of a vapor barrier that effectively reduces basement humidity.
  • The system is connected to the sump pump system to drain water from the property.

What do you need to know about interior waterproofing drain systems?

Interior drain systems are an excellent choice when it comes to basement waterproofing.  This state-of-the-art solution is as effective as exterior drains and is recommended in many cases.  However, an analysis is required before an interior drainage system is used. In fact, certain conditions must be met before such an installation can be made. The space, proximity to the surrounding buildings and landscaping are examples of factors to consider. Be aware that before opting for a waterproofing system, your home requires a suitable system and we are here to guide you. 

At Bisson Expert, our specialists are known for their expertise in interior and exterior drainage systems.  With our advice, we can help you will choose the right system and protect your home from water infiltration.

Learn more about the differences between the indoor and outdoor waterproofing drain system, by communicating with our experts today or by clicking here.

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