A major project is coming to life this spring in the community of Howick, in the heart of the municipality of Très-Saint-Sacrement. Thanks to funding from the Riverfield Presbyterian Church Foundation and the expertise of two companies—Bisson Expert and Carmichael, the basement of the Riverfield Presbyterian Church will be transformed into a reception hall.

Mr. Miller Carmichael, of the Riverfield Presbyterian Church Foundation, has long nurtured the desire to restore the church to its original mission of bringing the community together.

The Riverfield Presbyterian Church Foundation has therefore contracted two Quebec companiesBisson Expert and Carmichaelto revitalize the nearly 155-year-old building. The church will be completely renovated and a hall for special events and gatherings will be set up in the basement in order to welcome residents.

Since the building itself already has a magnificent architectural character, its authentic appearance will be preserved as much as possible, including the pews, doors, ceiling woodwork and even the bell tower. As for the original furniture, it will be stored and reinstalled at the end of the revitalization project.

Bisson Expert and Carmichael are working together on this project. While Carmichael is taking care of the heating and ventilation system renovations as well as the plumbing and geothermal renovations, Bisson Expert is responsible for transforming the crawl space into a 9-foot clear basement with concrete underpinning, which will accommodate special events and gatherings.

The official launch of the new event space is scheduled for early 2024.

About Bisson Expert:

Bisson Expert has been meeting the challenges of foundation and structural repairs for over 65 years. To learn more about the company’s services, visit

About Carmichael:

Carmichael has been providing expertise in thermal systems, air conditioning, commercial heating, industrial refrigeration and automation for over 100 years. To learn more about the company’s services, visit

In these photos are present several members of the Carmichael family and the Bisson Expert team as well as Bruno Ris (national accounts, Carmichael), Hung Ha (designer, Carmichael), Agnes McKell (mayor of the parish municipality of Très-Saint-Sacrement) and Ross Craig (former city councillor).

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