The structure of the building in the crawl space can also be affected by soil compaction. Here are some symptoms you might observe if you are in a territory with this problem.

The crawl space structure may collapse as the support columns sink into the ground. Other causes of structural problems are when mold and rot weaken floor joists and beams, or when too few support posts are in place to adequately support the structure above them. The structure of the building can also be affected if the joists have been placed too far from each other.

Structural problems

As the crawl space structure settles, the floor above it will also sink, pulling on the walls attached to it, resulting in cracks in the walls, ceilings, staircases, etc. We can repair or reinforce the structure in crawl spaces in several ways. When the floor under the concrete slabs settles, the slab itself begins to sag. Similarly, when the floors under a concrete floor expand, the slab will begin to lift upwards. Regardless, the movement of concrete floors can lead to cracks along the drywall and the floor itself. The solution to this problem is to pour a new structural concrete slab.

Sagging beam

Other signs of structural problems include:

Uneven and uneven floors

Cracks in interior walls

Doors and windows open and close with difficulty

Presence of rot and/or mold

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