Bisson Expert is a leader in the field of construction in Quebec. With a team of a hundred employees, we have been working for more than 67 years to restore peace of mind to families through repair and replacement work on foundations and structures. Our twenty-five teams are deployed on the island of Montreal and on the North Shore or the South Shore. Always looking for new recruits, here are some interesting facts if you want to join us.

For challenge lovers

Whether you’re a rookie, have some manual skills or would like to learn, we have a place for you! We have a great interest in letting you grow quickly, you would never have the feeling of being held back or staying on the same level at Bisson Expert !

The first days, you will provide reinforcement and support to your team, to get used to the type of work and learn the name of the tools and materials. Sweeping, shovelling and carrying all the material will be part of your tasks. You will help others to familiarize yourself and then, as the days go by, you will be able to experiment and do more specific tasks. The duration of a project is on average 7 to 10 days, so you will work on many new projects / challenges per year.

A humane recruitment process

The two key job positions are pile installation and foundation repair work, and waterproofing and drainage work; you can be guided to what works best for you. The questions in your interview will not focus on your building skills or what you’ve done, but on the natural talents you possess:

  • Ability to find solutions;
  • Ability to organize things;
  • Positive attitude;
  • Motivation;
  • Values;
  • Etc.

Our director of operations will identify your needs and then will then find you a place on a team with whom you will connect to reach your full potential and be happy at work.

Be professionally trained while working

No stress, we take care of your training and are committed to teach you. In the first month, you will work with your team on the construction site. You need to start somewhere! Then, you will attend 3 afternoons of training in the office to connect all the information you have acquired on the sites.

The classroom training is composed of short videos that explain every part of a specific task. Very simple, they demonstrate the steps, the machinery, give details on the tools, etc. They are useful for both new and old employees who need small reminders. 

Work physically, but also use your brains to find solutions

Although the work is very physical, we also have to work in a team and with our brains. Our teams are all multidisciplinary, they have to work manually, transport very heavy materials, as well as offer quality customer service. Indeed, as we are directly at the client’s houses, we must interact with them and reassure them about our work. We favor a good attitude and having fun at work at all times!

An employer who cares about its employees

Our goal is for you to feel good; the integration to the team is very important. The project manager will take you under his wing and then our HR team will follow up in the following weeks to make sure that we meet all your basic needs: how its going, if your colleagues are nice, if you have enough personal protective equipment, if we answer your questions well, etc. At Bisson Expert, we are very attentive with our employees, so we are interested in you and what you think. Finally, the managers are always available to chat, so you can talk to the bosses at any time.

In short, if you are motivated to learn, you have an interest in manual work and a concern for things well done, your place is with us! Don’t forget that everyone has had a ” first day ” … At Bisson Expert, we give you the chance to have YOUR ” first day ” too!

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