Bisson Expert was hired by the Riverfield Church Presbyterian Foundation to take part in the renovation of Riverfield Presbyterian Church, in the community of Howick, in the heart of the municipality of the parish of Très-Saint-Sacrement.

Bisson Expert is working with the Carmichael firm to bring this 155 year old church back to life. Our team is in charge of transforming the crawl space into a very large reception hall.

At Bisson Expert, everything starts from the heart. The passion that drives our team runs as deep as the foundations of this inspiring building.

It’s important to us to take part in initiatives that enrich a community’s living environment. It’s through projects like this one that the Company’s mission takes on its full meaning:

Providing optimal foundation and structural repair solutions to restore families’ peace of mind.


Bisson Expert produced specialized engineering plans for the entire restoration project, including the basement excavation and the structure of the ground-level floors.

The client had to remove all the furniture before the floors and walls of the building could be demolished. Next, the Bisson Expert team excavated the 3-foot crawl space to create a functional basement with 9 feet of headroom. The team then dug under the existing stone foundations to extend them with underpinning conrete foundations, while supporting the building.



  • Installation of the geothermal system
  • Installation of an ecological septic tank system
  • Installation of an elevator and ramps to provide access for people with limited mobility
  • Construction of the ground floor structure
  • Design and renovations of bathroom and kitchens




Working on a religious heritage building with the aim of enhancing it and creating a living space that can benefit the whole community gave us a great sense of pride. We took on a number of technical challenges in carrying out the work, putting our experience and expertise to good use.

It was a real pleasure to work closely with the Carmichael family to fulfill their vision for this historic building.

Raymond President

I was involved in this project from the very beginning. I surveyed the building and drew up the engineering plans. Throughout the project, I coordinated various phases with our in-house engineer and Carmichael’s engineer.

I’m proud to have contributed to this major project.

Sarah Drawing and Quality Control Technician

I’m the worksite supervisor. Together with the excavation crew, I ensured that all the necessary steps were taken to preserve the stability of this old building.

Robert Supervisor – Foundations

Meeting the Carmichael family within this project was an extraordinary experience. A special bopnd of trust was quickly established between the family and I.

Mr. Carmichael Sr. is going through the same ordeal as my father, so I understand and am touched by what Mr. Carmichael is facing in his life. That strength to get this project under way is truly a credit to him, and I’m proud to be a part of it.

Bringing this church back to its original vocation also touched me because, like Mr. Carmichael, I’m a believer. For all these reasons, this project is an excellent way of enhancing the value of our work.

Gaetan Technical representative

It’s a privilege for me to undertake this project, which is so important to Miller and the Carmichael family, in order to preserve this monument for future generations.

Together with Andrew Carmichael, we have followed the progress of Cie. Bisson Expert, and we greatly appreciated their expertise, their involvement in underpinning engineering and the work on site under the responsibility of Robert and his team.

Thanks also to Gaétan, David, Sarah and Roger

Bruno Project Manager Carmichael Engineer

My father [Miller Carmichael] purchased the church in 2022 with the vision of restoring the old building.

Although he grew up in Montreal, his father Raymond kept a small cottage in Riverfield on the family plot, beside the church. My father has many found memories of attending Sunday School at the church, church socials, and later Sunday service with his parents and sister. He made lifelong friendships with members of the congregation.

Andrew Carmichael


The first Europeans to settle near the English River, where the city of Châteauguay is now located, arrived from Scotland in 1821. Barely 7 years later, a dynamic and vibrant colony of Scottish and Irish families was established.

It was later, however, that construction began on Riverfield Presbyterian Church. On June 24, 1869, a dedication ceremony was held at the foundation site.

It took two years to complete the construction of the church, which was built of cut stone brought in from Montreal by wagon. On November 5, 1871, Riverfield Presbyterian Church officially opened its doors. 

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