How to Recognize Foundation Problems in Montreal

Living in Montreal, with its harsh winters and freeze-thaw cycles, can be tough on building foundations. Recognizing foundation problems early can help you avoid costly repairs in the future. Here are some key signs to watch out for: Cracks in Walls or Floors Cracks are often the first visible signs of a foundation problem. They … Continued

Temporary Repairs vs. Permanent Solutions: Managing Foundation Problems in Montreal

Foundations are crucial for the safety and stability of any residential or commercial structure. In Montreal, where climatic and geological conditions can pose unique challenges, choosing between a temporary fix and a permanent repair for your foundation problems can have a significant impact on a building’s durability and integrity. Here is a guide to help … Continued

Need to have your foundation replaced? It could be good news!

When you are told that the foundations of your property are about to give up, the news is enough to shake you… and your savings. By calling on a specialist, you may be able to get through the ordeal painlessly and even make it into a positive experience! In Quebec’s main urban centres, there are … Continued

Foundation cracks: in which cases is it fixable?

Having cracks in your foundation is completely normal. It is rare that the integrity of the building will be questioned and they are not always a construction defect. A passive crack is considered stable. It does not evolve or very little over the years. Its only big flaw is that it doesn’t look good. It … Continued

You have a foundation problem? A diagnosis is needed!

In Quebec, foundation subsidence is a widespread problem. In Greater Montreal, as in most of the most populated areas of the province, the main causes of foundation degradation are related to three main factors: the nature of the soil, the quality of the concrete or backfill or a combination of both. CAUSES These three causes … Continued

Become Bisson Expert’s new recruit… Trained by the best!

Bisson Expert is a leader in the field of construction in Quebec. With a team of a hundred employees, we have been working for more than 67 years to restore peace of mind to families through repair and replacement work on foundations and structures. Our twenty-five teams are deployed on the island of Montreal and … Continued

Investing in the stability of your home

As an homeowner, getting informed and following the evolution of your building is a priority. Its maintenance should not be neglected, especially when it comes to foundations. Foundations play a fundamental role in the stability and quality of your home. A well-designed foundation makes it possible to evenly distribute the loads of the construction into … Continued

Planning foundation repairs? Consider these important steps.

You have a foundation problem? Plan your work in advance, the process from the service request to the start of the worksite can sometimes take a long time! Here are some necessary procedures to be able to start the work. Proposal In order to obtain a work proposal, a technical representative must assess the needs … Continued

What should you do if the foundation is crumbling ?

Find out what you should do if your foundation is crumbling. Bisson Expert can assess the risks and recommend solutions to stabilize the foundation. If you notice that your foundation is crumbling, here is some information that will help you solve the problem. Using this information, you will know what to do and who to … Continued

What causes the foundation to crack?

Find out what causes the foundation to crack and how to repair them with the help of Bisson Expert! Melting snow and water infiltration When spring arrives and the snow starts to melt, several owners rediscover their house. In fact, spring is the best time to inspect your property and to see if winter has … Continued