How to Recognize Foundation Problems in Montreal

Living in Montreal, with its harsh winters and freeze-thaw cycles, can be tough on building foundations. Recognizing foundation problems early can help you avoid costly repairs in the future. Here are some key signs to watch out for: Cracks in Walls or Floors Cracks are often the first visible signs of a foundation problem. They … Continued

Beyond Foundation Cracks: Other Signs of Soil Compaction

The structure of the building in the crawl space can also be affected by soil compaction. Here are some symptoms you might observe if you are in a territory with this problem. The crawl space structure may collapse as the support columns sink into the ground. Other causes of structural problems are when mold and … Continued

Planning foundation repairs? Consider these important steps.

You have a foundation problem? Plan your work in advance, the process from the service request to the start of the worksite can sometimes take a long time! Here are some necessary procedures to be able to start the work. Proposal In order to obtain a work proposal, a technical representative must assess the needs … Continued