Interior Drain System: Simple and Efficient

Find out how an interior drain system works. Take advantage of the latest technology to waterproof your home. A healthy basement living space must always remain dry. Waterproofing and drainage systems are used to prevent water infiltration and their harmful consequences on property. For several years now, in Quebec, external drain systems were the only … Continued

Interior or exterior drain systems ?

Find out about the differences between interior and exterior waterproofing drain systems. Compare the benefits, costs and installation methods Find out what you need to know You own a home and need to protect your basement from water infiltration and moisture ? It’s not easy to navigate between the various waterproofing systems on the market. … Continued

What should you do in case of water infiltration in the basement ?

Bisson Expert provides you all the information you need on the steps to be taken when water seeps into your house. How can you reinforce the foundation ? If you are worried about your property because of water infiltration in the basement, this advice will be very useful. It will help you find out exactly … Continued

All there is to know about French drains

Find out all there is to know about French drains and be an informed owner with the help of Bisson Expert! As an owner, being familiar with the various components of your house gives you an advantage towards protecting your investment, ensuring the proper maintenance of your building and avoiding problems. In fact, you are … Continued

What should you do to protect your foundation from heavy rainfall?

Advice and tips on how to protect your house foundation in case of heavy rainfall, according to Bisson Expert. In Quebec, we never know how summer will turn out. Some years are marked by significant variations in temperature and times of drought punctuated by torrential downpours. Such atypical climate conditions are always problematic for properties … Continued