Need to have your foundation replaced? It could be good news!

When you are told that the foundations of your property are about to give up, the news is enough to shake you… and your savings. By calling on a specialist, you may be able to get through the ordeal painlessly and even make it into a positive experience! In Quebec’s main urban centres, there are … Continued

Two Quebec Companies Join Forces to Revitalize a Century-Old Church

A major project is coming to life this spring in the community of Howick, in the heart of the municipality of Très-Saint-Sacrement. Thanks to funding from the Riverfield Presbyterian Church Foundation and the expertise of two companies—Bisson Expert and Carmichael, the basement of the Riverfield Presbyterian Church will be transformed into a reception hall. Mr. … Continued

Planning foundation repairs? 6 steps to consider.

Preparation steps before foundation repair work begins can sometimes take a long time, so it is recommended to plan your work in advance. Here are some necessary procedures to be able to start the work. Permit To begin your work, most foundation repair work requires a permit from the city. Here are some of the … Continued

What should you do to increase the living space of your house?

Is it possible to dig out a crawlspace to transform it into a basement? Learn more about excavating a crawlspace to transform it into a basement with detailed explanations from Bisson Expert! Have you ever thought about excavating the crawlspace in your house to transform it into a basement? This uninhabitable space, also called a … Continued