Our Testimonials

  • Testimonial of Valérie Carrier, NDG, Montreal

    « Service oriented toward solutions ; I love dit! The whole team has given an impeccable service. We could start over again tomorrow morning. »

  • Caroline Dion and Pierre Lecornec - Mont Saint-Hilaire

    Caroline Dion and Pierre Lecornec - Mont Saint-Hilaire

    What strikes us most is that these are HONEST people with a straightforward contract who provide great QUALITY and tell you EVERYTHING you need to know.

  • Vincent Mailloux - Brossard

    Vincent Mailloux - Brossard

    We TRUSTED them from the first time we talked together.
  • Jean-Francois Guay - Montréal

    Jean-Francois Guay - Montréal

    The job was done on time by foundation SPECIALISTS at a competitive price.

  • Linda Fortin - Longueuil

    Linda Fortin - Longueuil

    True PROS... I was pleased in every respect and I am delighted to recommend them.
  • Michel Naud - Montréal

    Michel Naud - Montréal

    They KNOW what they're doing and if you call with a question they're happy to help.

  • Other testimonials

    P. Daemen f- Boucherville
    "Your people are outstanding"

    M Bulbulian - Montreal
    « I was not only impressed by the quality of the work, but by the thoughtfulness and courtesy of your workers. Congratulations to them! »

    P. Sénécal - Brossard

    « Professional service from start to finish »

    F. Landry - Longueuil
    « Excellent company. I would recommend you to anyone. »

    S. Bernard - Montreal
    « Congratulations to the Bisson team. You carried out the job properly, gave us confidence and did a great job »

    G. Payette - Candiac
    « Excellent service. A tip of the hat to your foremen. »

    L. Alarie - Montreal
    « Rarely have I been served with such skill. »

    M. Chavigny - Chambly
    « Thanks to your team. They were quick, effective and very polite. My case was very special and I thank you for having done the job so quickly. Excellent work. »

    L. Lefrançois - Laval
    "I expected the worst - but I got the best. Thank you! I was surprised by how much all of the workers seemed to enjoy their jobs."

    C. Giguère - Saint-Hubert
    "Highly professional service. Bisson gave us a clearly worded contract and carried it out."