Reinforcement for structural problems

Structural problem

Damaged or unhelpful crawl Space

Symptoms of structural problems

  • Distorted floors
  • Sagging floor joists ans beams
  • Sagging beams
  • Cracked walls
  • Restricted space and lack of light in the crawl space

Causes of structural problems

  • Wood rot or rust of steel
  • Weak concrete quality
  • Poor initial design

Solution for structural problems

Structure reinforcement works to preserve your investment or increase the value of the premises.

Work to be performed

  1. Reinforce and straighten the structural weaknesses.
  2. Replace the inner walls by a steel structure to create large rooms without walls.
  3. Raise a building or excavate for greater clearance in the basement.

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Picture description

The pictures on the right provide a summary of the different steps involved in the structural reinforcement of a building. The first picture illustrates a beam that has rotted due to structural problems in the crawl space. The second picture shows steel beams and columns used as a structural reinforcement solution. On the third picture, the rotted beam is being replaced by a steel beam as a means to solve the structural problems. The fifth picture shows beam reinforcement. The last picture captures a moment in the upgrade during the reinforcement of structural problems in the crawl space.