Basement (crawl space) excavation with underpinning foundation


Excavating your basement would allow you to get a comfortable living space. Do not hesitate to contact Bisson Expert, the foundation expert.


basement excavation


Excavate (or dig) the basement (or crawl space) using the underpinning excavation system


The multidisciplinary team of Bisson Expert studies the entire project to ensure the technical and regulatory feasibility and the security of the project.

  • Analysis and survey of soil
  • Analysis and survey of the existing foundation, of the carpentry and of the related services
  • Determination of the structural and load restrictions by the engineers of Bisson Expert.

Work to be performed

  1. Structural support
  2. Safety of sites and excavation
  3. Formwork and concreting
  4. Waterproofing and drainage of the new foundation.
  5. Concreting of the slab

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basement excavation

Picture description

The pictures on the right summarize the different stages of basement excavation work with underpinning foundation. On the first picture is an overview of excavation work of an opening for the purpose of digging the basement. The second picture shows basement excavation work inside the building. The third picture illustrates the stage of preparing the new footings for concreting work. The fourth picture depicts the new formwork in the underpinning. On the fifth picture is shown the preparation of the new slab. Finally, the sixth picture shows the results of the work presented on the fifth picture.