Repair and replacement of existing foundation

How do I know that the foundation of my home should be repaired/replaced?

Some symptoms, such as water infiltration (damp stains, water seepage), multiple cracks in the foundation, crumbling of blocks or concrete walls, are signs that the foundation must be replaced either totally or partially.

What causes these foundation problems?

The main cause of these problems is the aging of the concrete (whether premature or not). This may be because the concrete is either of bad quality, old or poorly protected.

The solution?

In such a case, repairing cracks in the foundation, crumbling concrete or water infiltration involves a series of steps and requires replacing the foundation walls.

Foundation work to be executed

  • Support of the existing building with solid industrial materials
  • Retaining brick
  • Excavation and demolition of the existing foundation
  • Implementation of footings
  • Installation of framework and concrete
  • Waterproofing and implementation of the new backfill

Such major foundation repair work should only be entrusted to a firm that specializes in foundation repair and that you can trust.

Picture description

The pictures on the right represent the various stages of the repair and replacement of an existing foundation. The first picture shows a foundation for which work is needed. The second one shows it being excavated. This picture gives us an idea of the strong industrial supports used to perform this type of work. Following this step, the foundation is replaced, as shown in the third picture. The fourth picture represents the work performed in damp-proofing the foundation. On the fifth picture, we can see how the installation of a new formwork is made and how concrete is poured. Last, the sixth and final picture - which was taken towards the final work - shows the newly repaired foundation.