Stabilization and alignment of foundations on steel piles

Symptoms of a settling home foundation

The main signs of a settling foundation are the following:

  • Large cracks in the foundation and brick walls
  • Windows and doors do not close properly
  • Uneven floors
  • Various structural deformations

What causes a house's foundation to settle?

The soil found throughout Quebec in general, and Montreal in particular, tends to settle because of its clayey composition. The soil is unstable and cannot bear the weight of the building, which affects its structure.

  • For a variety of reasons (trees, asphalt paving, periods of drought, etc.), clay soils dry up, which results in the progressive compaction of the soil, making the building collapse gradually.
  • Since clay never recovers more than a small portion of the water it loses, the soil fails to regain its initial volume. The structure above it will then gradually - and sometimes unevenly - settle under its weight and into the sunken earth. Soils with low bearing capacity are not strong enough to support the weight of the building or the house.

Solution: Foundation Stabilisation By Steel Piles Installation

The definitive solution to a settling foundation problem is having steel piles driven until there is firm support and soil is stable. Steels piles are used to evenly distribute the weight of the building by laying the building on a firm and stable soil in which piles are anchored. This type of work consists in stabilizing and aligning your foundation. Your house (or building) will be retained with steel piles which will reinforce your foundation. The process of repairing a foundation is divided into five steps:

Foundation stabilization work to be performed

  1. Shoes and stirrups are firmly anchored to the foundation.
  2. Steel piles are driven to refusal.
  3. A hydraulic jack system raises the building.
  4. The foundation is repaired and reinforced.
  5. The steel piles are filled with concrete.

Trust Bisson Expert for the installation of steel piles in the great Montreal area or elsewhere in Quebec. Our reputation is well-established thanks to over 60 years’ experience and a growing number of satisfied clients. Our skilled workforce will identify the symptoms, determine the causes and bring about the right solutions to solve your settling foundation problem with steel piles.

Picture description

The pictures on the right give us an overview of the various stages of stabilizing and aligning a foundation on steel piles. The first picture shows the Bisson Expert team at work, unloading equipment from the truck to get started on driving steel piles. The second picture illustrates the range of tools used to strengthen the foundation. The third picture captures the installation of the said tools. In this case, it shows the stirrup being bolted to the foundation. The fourth picture shows piles being installed around the foundation. The fifth picture indicates piles being installed inside the building. Further details are shown in the sixth picture, where piles are being installed on the patio of the building.