Repair of foundation and structure


  • Crumbling concrete
  • Damp patch, water infiltration
  • Cracks


Aging of the concrete (whether premature or not)


Replacement of the foundation walls

Work to be performed

  1. Support of the existing building with solid industrial materials
  2. Retaining brick
  3. Excavation and demolition of the existing foundation
  4. Implementation of footings
  5. Installation of formwork and pouring concrete
  6. Waterproofing and implementation of the new backfill

Reinforcement of building structure 

Structural problems

Damaged or unhelpful spaces

Symptoms of structural problems

  • Distorted floors
  • Cracked walls
  • Restricted space and lack of light

Causes of structural problems

  • Wood rot or rust of steel
  • Weak concrete quality
  • Poor initial design

Solutions for structural problems

Reinforcement works on structure in order to preserve your investment or increase the value of the premises

Work to be performed

  1. Reinforce and straighten the structural weaknesses
  2. Replace the inner walls by a steel structure to create large rooms without walls
  3. Raise a building or excavate for greater clearance in the basement