Underpinning work


Raise the height of a basement without lifting of the building.


Excavate the basement using underpinning excavation system.


The multidisciplinary team of Bisson Expert studies the entire project to ensure the technical and regulatory feasibility and the security of the project.

  • Analysis and survey of soil
  • Analysis and survey of the existing foundation, of the carpentry and of the related services
  • Determination of the structural load restrictions by the engineers of Bisson Expert.

Work to be performed

  1. Structural support (retaining structure)
  2. Safety of sites and excavation
  3. Installation of formwork and pouring of concrete.
  4. Waterproofing and drainage of the new foundation.
  5. Concrete work of the slab.

Construction of a concrete underpinning wall of approximately 150 linear feet with a height of one meter