Commercial building foundation repair

Bisson Expert is built on trust established with its commercial customers for more than 60 years.

Bisson Expert is built on trust established with its commercial customers for more than 60 years.

We have our own engineering department and machine shop on site which manufactures specialized parts for the foundation repair work of your commercial premises. We design, we make and we carry out the work which ensures cost efficient solutions. The work necessary to repairing the foundation of your commercial building requires advanced expertise and quick resolution. Call upon our experts to ensure the proper continuation of your project.

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    The right diagnosis by qualified experts

    At Bisson Expert, you talk with engineers and specialized technologists for accurate opinion. We know the market rules and we work with you to achieve your goals. Let our experts assess your business needs and allow them to perform the necessary repair or retaining work on your commercial space. We know how intrusive foundation work can be, and that is why we will make sure to resort to simple, convenient and efficient solutions to meet your specific needs.


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    Your partner of confidence

    After more than 60 years of experience in various fields, our strong multidisciplinary team is fully aware of construction, regulation and typology of the Quebec soils.

    We know that our success is determined with yours. We guarantee the optimum solution based on budget, condition of the building and your objectives.

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    Technological approaches

    To answer its customers’ specific needs, Bisson Expert has an engineering department and specialized technicians for different foundation problems.

    To meet the exacting demands of its customers, Bisson Expert is one of the few foundation firms with its own R&D department.

    Our engineers have designed tools (some are patented in Canada and United States) which economize on time and fees costs while ensuring the safety of workers and residents.

    Our solid approaches always make us more competitive without sacrificing quality of our work. 

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    Definitive and guaranteed work

    Bisson Expert is recognized throughout Quebec for its expertise in:

    • Replacement or reinforcement of foundationt
    • Stabilization and straightening of foundation
    • Installation of piles beaten or driven
    • Raising of roof and structure.

    Whatever the technological challenge and difficulty of the work, we have earned the trust of our customers for over 50 years.