Wondering if your home’s crawl space is in good condition ? Find out what signs to look out for and the risks of a crawl space that has problems and how it impacts your home. Find solutions quickly.


Maybe you’re seeing signs of moisture, such as an unpleasant smell or condensation on the walls. It is possible that a family member has respiratory allergies, exacerbated by the humid air of the house. In any event, all of these factors could indicate a problem in the crawl space which has too much humidity.

This problem should never be overlooked. It can cause the deterioration of the structure of your property and even lead to infestations or settlement of the building. Fortunately, there are effective solutions. Don’t hesitate to find out what choices are available to you and resolve the situation.

Is the crawl space in my house problematic ?

Did you know that complications related to the crawl space occur mainly in buildings of a certain age ? Indeed, older buildings are sometimes built with a crawl space compared to recent buildings. Some may be affected by a waterproofing problem, that’s when these scenarios may arise.

Often you will see traces of moisture inside the house. It can be an unpleasant smell that exist in the building. You may also see traces of mold, condensation or rot. In other cases, you may notice high humidity or even a build-up of water in the crawl space. All these factors suggest that your home is not dry and healthy.

In some cases, the problem in the crawl space may come in a different form. For example, a recurrent infestation of vermin or insects may indicate a moisture problem. At a more advanced stage, you can even see a bowing shape of the beams and joists of the house.

It is important to understand that these factors are a cause for concern. They can have an impact on the structural integrity of your home and even the health of your family. Therefore, it is recommended to have the moisture level of your crawl space checked to ensure its good condition. If necessary, repairs are required quickly, before the damage progresses. It’s about the value and safety of your home !

Mold in the crawlspace

A problem with a crawl space, often also means mold and rot.

It is high humidity that is the most likely causes of the unpleasant smell that floats in the air and the rot that invades the wooden joists. It is also the one that slowly but surely attacks the structure of your home and gradually weakens it.

Did you know that mold appears on organic building materials when humidity is high ? In the long term, we can even witness the development of rot.

In the crawl space, the mold development is triggered when 60% humidity is maintained for a prolonged period of time. Water vapour is released from the soil into the air. It then condenses in the crawlspace. The result ? An ideal living environment for the development of mold.

In Quebec, due to changes in seasonal temperatures, mold problems in the crawl space are widespread. That’s why it’s so important to have yours checked.

What signs should I look out for ?

Do you know if there is the presence of mold ? Here are a few questions to ask yourself to better understand the problem :

• In general, do you find your home humid ?
• Do you see mold in the house, especially on the ground floor or at the bottom of the basement walls ?
• Is there condensation on the pipes inside your home, for example, on the plumbing pipes ?

• When you look at the dirt floor, do you see water, especially after a downpour ?
• Do you see sagging structure of your home ?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you may be right to be concerned. Each of these factors may indicate a problematic crawl space, which poses a considerable risk to the strength and safety of your home. So, don’t delay, look for a solution quickly.

What if I find these signs ?

• Dry the crawl space : In the presence of water in the crawl space, it is imperative to drain the water and dry out the crawlspace. After consulting with an expert in the field, you will determine the best course of action. Sometimes it is necessary to install a French drain and/or a sump pump. These two measures can prevent possible accumulations of water.

• Sealing the crawl space : Depending on the case, it becomes necessary to insulate the crawl space with a vapor barrier. This the only way to completely eliminate the humidity that comes from the ground. Once sealed, the crawl space of your home is protected from the primary source of moisture.

• Dehumidify the crawl space : Finally, it may become important to filter and dehumidify the ambient air to prevent the formation of condensation associated with the variation in seasonal temperatures. To do this, you can choose to have a system of dehumidification and filtration installed. This ensures good air quality in all seasons.

It is recommended to contact a professional for a detailed inspection and an estimate.
The good news ? There is no bad time to remedy the problem. Inspections and repairs can be done 12 months a year, both in summer and winter. For an estimate, make an appointment with one of our representatives today.

Expert advice on crawl spaces

It is necessary to act quickly in the face of a problem related to the crawl space. Otherwise, you expose the health of your family and the strength of your home to considerable risks.

Did you know that a poorly maintained crawl space can cause health problems ? When humidity is high, mold spreads rapidly and releases spores into the air. Your home then becomes a risk factor for the development of respiratory problems, allergies and other unwanted symptoms.

Under conditions of high humidity, the building may eventually develop structural defects. Indeed, water infiltration into the crawl space causes rot, which contributes to the subsidence of the house. Structural defects can be permanent, and your property may lose value at the time of sale. Did you know that most building inspectors consider an untreated crawl space to be a major problem ?

Fix your problem quickly. Contact our team of building experts to enjoy peace of mind.

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