About us

In the field of construction, trust is earned. After 65 years of excellence, Bisson Expert is proud of the trust relationship it has established with its customers and the entire construction industry in Quebec. We know that a satisfied customer is our best asset to maintain our reputation for excellence. That's why we say that Bisson Expert is "Based on trust!"

Company background

Bisson Expert (Roger Bisson inc.) was founded in 1955 and incorporated in 1962. At its beginning, the Company was specialized in the transport of buildings. Having worked in this sphere of activity during several years, the Company developed a specialized expertise in the fields of structure, engineering, hydraulic, etc. The company grew rapidly in order to respond to market demand in other related fields, especially in the repair and replacement of foundations as well as underpinning works. Since 1990, drought of clay soils has increased in Quebec, causing many foundation subsidence. This has contributed to the evolution of the company. Bisson Expert has been able to meet the new needs by developing processes and high performance equipment which is patented in Canada and United States. After more than 10 000 clients served in the residential and commercial field, Bisson Expert has developed a relationship of trust with the entire building industry and continues to evolve to maintain its reputation for excellence.

Mission and goals

To be the reference of quality in Quebec for the solutions to foundation and structural problems. Bisson Expert objectives are:

  1. Offer to customers a professional diagnostic service, guaranteed solutions and high quality of execution of required work.
  2. Meet the special needs of its customers through efficient, sustainable and guaranteed solutions.
  3. Provide the development of its staff through responsibilization, team work, updating of the quality of worklife and maintaining work and family balance.
  4. Guarantee the financial health of the business by capitalizing on innovation, continuous improvement, risk management, technical control, mobilization of all employees and partners and customer satisfaction.

Ethics code

At Bisson Expert, an ethics code is posted and all employees are committed to respecting it.

  • Give satisfaction to the customer.
  • To be honest, courteous and respectful to the customer.
  • Meet customer expectations.
  • Ensure a good communication with the customer.
  • Respect his commitment to the customer with diligence and professionalism.
  • Keep an innovative mind to cope with technological advancement.
  • Respect the timeframe provided in the contract.
  • Carry out work according to the rules of art and the regulations.
  • Find the best possible solution for each existing problem.


Repair and replacement of existing foundation


Internal engineering department

  • Data collection
  • Design of customized solutions (structural, geotechnical)
  • Development of plans and specifications signed and sealed by an engineer member of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec
  • Cost estimate
  • Quality control procedure is in place during the entire project.

Internal engineering department